MIL Sports & Other Athletics

Athletic Forms

To participate in any Kihei Charter Sport we need the following: 1. DOE Physical 2. DOE Release Form
Please print and hand in the forms to the front desk or place them in Mr. Fitz's mail box

Athletes that are below a 2.0 GPA or Failing a class will be required to work in the resource room on their virtual day. 
We start with a clean slate so all athletes need to do is study and work hard in the classroom out the gate. 

Cross Country

Head Coach: Cassie Kepler
Assistant Coaches:
Matt Holton
Cristina Pineda
Marsha Server
Please Fill Out KCS Cross Country Waiver

Read the KCS Cross Country Handbook. 


Head Coach: Jay Murasaki
Assistant Coach:
John Uyeno

Canoe Paddling

Head Coach: Ellen Federoff 
Assistant Coaches:
Coach Vanessa
Coach Lou


Track & Field

Head Coach: Matt Holton
Cristina Pineda
Assistant Coaches:
Cassie Kepler
Marsha Server