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Elementary School Schedule Academics  Staff Contacts


Elementary school includes students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 5. Elementary students attend school five days per week:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

K-2 8:00-2:00

3-5 8:15-2:15


K-2 8:00-1:00

3-5 8:15 - 1:15

Safety Protocols

Safety will be the #1 priority for the 2020-2021 school year.

Students, staff and visitors must use face coverings that cover the mouth and nose. 

Face masks will be required when 6 feet of social distancing is difficult or not possible.

Students will remain within their cohort (bubble) throughout the day as much as possible, and should not interface with other cohorts.

Safety and sanitation products will be accessible in every classroom, meeting room, eating area and office.

Signage will be posted throughout the campus with proper safety protocol and detailed instructions for social distancing.

Staff will be trained and students will be instructed on how to be as safe as possible while on school grounds.

Parent Expectations

We request that parents take the temperature of their children each morning before school. If the child has a higher than normal temperature, then the child should remain at home.

We request that parents provide their children with two masks everyday.  If the child does not have a mask, the school will provide one.

If a student displays symptoms of an illness, he or she will be escorted to the health room for a temperature check. If the health aide determines that the student is ill and needs to be sent home, a parent will be immediately notified to come to the school and pick up the child.

We request that you help educate your child as much as possible with respect to the changing times,  especially with reminders about the importance of safety protocol.KCS Elementary School has an average enrollment of 220 students.


Emphasis is on project based learning and 21st Century Skills within all four subject areas. 

The 21st Century Skills for elementary students:

• Information Skills

• Communication Skills

• Thinking and Problem Solving

• Interpersonal Skills

• Self-Directional Skills

• Global Awareness

Each semester students participate in an Exhibition where they showcase what they have learned. Parents and community members are invited to the events where students “show what they know.”

Kihei Charter School is a public school and follows common core standards in math and ELA, Next Generation standards for science and National & state standards for social studies.


Students in grades 3-8;11 participate in statewide testing(SBAC) each Spring. The students are tested on the computer in Math and ELA. Additionally, students in grades 5 & 8 are tested in Science.



Front desk – General information, absence/tardy reporting and messages of all staff:

(808) 875-0700

Fax: (808) 874-6745

Head of School:

Michael Stubbs



MS Director:

Leslie Baldridge lbaldridge@kiheicharter.org

(808) 495-4430 x136

 Student Services Coordinator: Lisa Whitten


(808) 270-4907

Support Staff

Michael Hernley - Front Desk-------------mhernley@kiheicharter.org

Cathy Rimorin - Accounting Clerk-------crimorin@kiheicharter.org

Raquel Balasan - Student Records-----rbalasan@kiheicharter.org

Phil Schmidt - IT Director





Grade 1

Ms H


Grade 2

Ms Kim


Grade 3

Ms Dorland


Ms Crystal


Coach Brandy


Grade 4

Ms Elyssa


Ms Courtney


Coach Brandy


Grade 5

Ms G


Ms Bianca


Coach Brandy