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The STEM Middle School is:

  • Project based, hands on, integrated learning (to learn more about project based learning please visit www.bie.org)
  • A unique mix of face-to-face classroom experiences, field-based learning activities, community involvement, and virtual learning opportunities
  • A small school experience: teacher advisors who know and oversee progress …. no one falls through the cracks.
  • Focused on 21st Century Skills such as information and technology literacy, problem solving, civic literacy, and global awareness (to learn more please visit www.21stcenturyskills.org)
  • Individualized student-centered learning
  • A place where effort creates ability and students are workers held to the highest expectations (to learn more about “student as worker, teacher as coach” please visit www.essentialschools.org)
  • Kihei Charter School maintains high expectations of students both academiclly and behaviorly. (Please read our academic and behavior intervention plans.)
    Academic Intervention Plan
    Behavioral Intervention Plan
  • Focused on utilizing modern technology to process, evaluate and understand information as opposed to rote memorization and textbook work.
  • A community-based school, which offers students the opportunity to work alongside scientists and community members through established school partnerships with NOAA, DLNR, Maui Land Trust, Pacific Whale Foundation, amongst others.
  • Filled with opportunities to participate in after school enrichment and extra-curricular activities such as drama, dance, yearbook, athletics, etc.