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Amazon Future Engineer

KCS Chosen for Amazon EdHesive Program (Future Engineer)

What is Amazon Future Engineer? (AFE)

Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) is Amazon's initiative to give students like you access to computer science learning at all ages, and provide access to college scholarships and internships at Amazon. We also connect you to amazing "cloud computing" resources from Amazon Web Services. Click the interactive steps below and watch the video to learn more about what AFE does in computer science and about what we offer in "cloud computing".

AFE offers fun and inspiring tutorials like the new "Dance Party: Hour of Code" and we provide Code Camp Scholarships for elementary and middle school. Have a younger friend or sibling that wants to learn? Check it out.

Congratulations! We are an AFE School, where we provide computer science courses through Edhesive. These let students take introductory or Advanced Placement courses that make them eligible for our scholarships and internships (see below). Learn More.

If you are currently enrolled in an Advanced Placement level course in computer science course through Edhesive which means you are eligible for an Amazon $40,000 scholarship for those students who intend to pursue computer science at a 4-year college. What's more, if you are selected, we will bring you to Amazon's headquarter for a paid internship after your freshman year. Application Information and Program details.

This video includes snippets of people in various careers speaking of the importance of programming.