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Safety Protocol

2020 KCS Reopening Safety Plan

     Use the Centers for Disease Control Readiness checklists daily and weekly

Regular Safety inspections

     Staff safety training and student instruction on safety protocol

     Procedures in place for response to student or staff demonstrating symptoms at school

Monitoring student and staff health each day

    §      Health Aide

    §      Health Room

     Face masks required except while eating, exercising, or during an approved outdoor mask break

     Staggered drop-off areas in front of the school

Parents should not escort students onto the campus

     Visitors will be limited on campus

     Safety signage posted throughout the school

     Cleaning supplies in all classrooms, offices, and meeting areas

     Class sizes decreased to 12-16 for the elementary school, 14-19 students the for middle and high school

     Hands sanitized upon entry to every room

     Assigned seating in every classroom

     Seating 6 feet apart in classrooms and other areas

     Limiting the sharing of materials among students

     All doors and windows will be propped open during the school day

     Outdoor areas will be designated as learning spaces

     The number of students in bathrooms will be limited at any given time

     Standard water fountains will be covered and inaccessible, only no-touch bottle fill stations can be used

     Assigned seating during breakfast and lunch

Students sanitize hands before eating

Food served in prepackaged containers

Students stay in their cohorts

6 feet of distancing

     Recess only within the same cohort, organized and distanced activities

     No off-campus travel in vans

     Staggered dismissal and sectioned areas for pick-up

     All rooms will be professionally sanitized at the end of each school day


Elementary Specific

1. Will the students be in the same classroom all day? Yes. Students will also be in smaller classes this year ranging from 12 - 16 students.

2. Will the kids have recess time? Yes. Only one class will be outside at a time. Organized and distanced recreational activities will take place.

3. Can I walk my kindergartener to class on the first day? Yes. There will be a special protocol for kindergarteners and parents on Day 1.

Middle and High School Specific

1. Will the students be in smaller classes? Yes. Students will be in smaller classes this year ranging from 14- 19 students.

2. Will the cohorts be moving classrooms each period? Yes, on the block days only. On 6 period days, cohorts will stay in the classroom and only the teacher will move.

3. What will be done to sanitize the rooms between classes? All surfaces and other high-touch areas will be disinfected between classes.

4. How will the online classes for the virtual weeks be handled? Virtual classes will be taught through online classrooms. Students will follow their class schedules throughout the virtual day. Teachers will take official attendance in PowerSchool. Student accountability will be noted through participation during virtual classes and the completion of coursework.

All Divisions

1. Will a student be exposed to other students outside of their cohort? Under the established parameters students should not be exposed to other cohorts while at school.

2. What are the rules about wearing masks? Students should wear masks when coming to or leaving school, and traveling throughout campus during the school day. Students will be required to wear masks when 6 feet of distancing is difficult or not possible. Students will have the option to remove their masks while sitting at their desks as there will be 6 feet of separation from staff and other students.

3. Does the school have enough sanitation supplies to properly disinfect on a regular basis? Yes. All classrooms, offices, and meeting areas will have access to sanitation supplies. All products are EPA approved and safe to use in the classrooms. Areas will be sanitized whenever cohorts relocate during the school day and professional cleaning will take place at the end of each school day.

4. What measures will be taken to ensure students understand all the safety protocols? All students will be taught the proper safety protocols during the first two weeks of school. There

will be signage in classrooms and hallways regarding safety protocols. There will be continuous reminders of safety protocols all throughout the school year.

5. How will temperature checks be conducted? The school requests that parents check the temperature of their children each morning. If the child is demonstrating symptoms of an illness and/or has a higher temperature than normal, we request that the child be kept at home. If a student is displaying symptoms of an illness while at school, she or he will be escorted to the health room. At that point, the health aide will monitor the child’s symptoms and determine if she or he needs to be sent home. If so, a parent will be immediately notified.

Mahalo for your support, The KCS Team