Fall 2021 Application Procedures

Fall 2021 Application Checklist and Procedures

1. Review the Early Admit Requirements to make sure the program is an appropriate fit for you. 

2. Fill out the UHCC Application by going here: https://apply.hawaii.edu/.
- Once you go to this website, select "Maui" under "Community Colleges" and create an account to sign in and complete the application. 
- Important: the first question will ask you about your degree goal. Make sure to indicate that "yes" you are a current high school student at this point. 
- In "Add Programs," select "Early College" for the semester you are applying for. In this case, Fall 2021. 
- Once you've selected your term, selected University of Hawaii Maui College
- Click blue button, "Continue to My Application."
- From here, you'll see four boxes for the four main sections of the application: Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, Program Materials.
- Fill out all six sections in Personal Information (this is where the residency questions will be too). When done, click "Continue to Next Section"
- For Academic History, some of the information is not required. If you don’t know your GPA or Class Rank, don’t worry. If it isn’t a required field you are not required to answer it. You will still need to click into each section so that it is marked as complete. Standardized test information is also optional, but if you know your scores, feel free to add them. This can help with your placement into English and math courses. 
- In Program Materials, you only need to choose the campus you will be attending, which is University of Hawaii Maui College, Main Campus. 
- Move through all four sections until you see a green check mark on each section's box
- Go to "Submit Application" on the top toolbar. If the application is ready to submit, you will see a green checkmark by the submit button.
- If you are asked to pay the $25 application fee, it is because you are being considered a non-resident. If you are a resident of Hawaii, double check your residency questions in personal information. 

3. After completing and submitting the UHCC application, wait for your acceptance email. This email will contain your UH ID number. Please write this number down and keep it in a safe place. 

4. Take the EdReady Placement Test. You will need your UH ID number to take the test. To get started with EdReady, go to http://maui.hawaii.edu/tlc/home/entry-placement/edready/. <-- All instructions for taking the test are on this page.
- UHMC is using EdReady College Readiness scores to help students determine their starting course for English and Math. You can complete this online at home at your convenience. 
- When you hit a score milestone, you’ll get an email letting you know the next math or English course you have qualified for.
- You will need an English score of 64 or better to qualify for the English 100 course. 

5. Complete the Dual Credit Application by going here: https://www.hawaii.edu/dualcredit/dual-credit-application/
- Select the Fall 2021 semester
- Fill out all demographic information on the form
- If you would like to be considered for the need-based Gear Up Scholarship, be sure to check the "economically disadvantaged" where it asks, "Qualifies As."
- List ENG 100 under courses (3 credits, HS requirement, high school, Maui College, personal)
- Submit your application by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the form
- After you submit, the system will create a PDF version of the form. Print this form.
- There is a place for you and your parents to sign at the bottom of this form.
Once your Dual Credit Application is completed and signed, you will need to drop it off at the high school. There will be a box in the front office titled "Lindsey - Early Admit." Ms. Lindsey will take care of the remaining two signatures on the form. 

6. For all 10th grade applicants, schedule a time to meet virtually with Mr. Randy Yamanuha, the articulation coordinator at UHMC. 
- Email him at ryamanuh@hawaii.edu to schedule an appointment no later than March 1 to ensure a timely meeting. You will need to have taken the EdReady placement test before the meeting. At least one parent/guardian should attend this meeting as well.
- It is the policy of UHMC that all students aged 15 and younger have this meeting to be formally approved to take early college courses. 

7. I will pick up all signed, completed Dual Credit Applications on March 25. This is a firm deadline, so please make this process a priority to avoid any trouble with registering for the English 100 course.

8. Once your paperwork is processed by admissions, I will send you an email with instructions for creating your UH Username so you can officially register for the course.