What is Early Admit?
Early Admit is a program that allows high school students to begin earning college credits by taking college-level courses. The program is made possible by the partnership between Kihei Charter School and University of Hawaii Maui College.

Who is eligible for Early Admit?
11th and 12th graders in good academic standing (3.5 GPA) are eligible for early admit courses with the consent of their parents, advisor, and Early Admit coordinator. Some exceptional 10th graders who demonstrate excellence in both academics and behavior may take sheltered courses only (courses offered on KCS campus) during their spring semester. All 10th graders interested in taking Early Admit courses must schedule a meeting with Randy Yamanuha, Articulation Coordinator UHMC, to be approved for participation. For specific early admit student requirements, see the Requirements page

Do Early Admit courses count as high school credit?
Yes. The successful completion of one semester-long college course counts as one full year high school credit. For example, students who take ENG 100 receive one high school language arts credit.

Courses centered on the social sciences (such as anthropology, history, political science, sociology, psychology, and religious studies) count as high school social studies credit. Math classes count as math credits and science classes (chemistry, physics, biology, etc.) count as science credits. If you have questions about specific courses, please contact Ms. Tara Lindsey at tlindsey@kiheicharter.org.

What classes can my child take?
Students who are beginning the Early Admit program can take one sheltered class. Upon the successful completion of two sheltered courses, students may then branch out to take courses at UHMC. Students may choose from a wide range of courses, but we strongly encourage students to speak with their advisor and/or the Early Admit coordinator to make sure the classes they take are helping them to fulfill their academic goals.

The number of courses a student may take is dependent on the academic and behavioral maturity of the student, and will be determined by the student’s advisor and Early Admissions coordinator.

How much do Early Admit courses cost?
As of July 1, 2017, Families are responsible for 50% of the tuition and 100% of the fees for both sheltered courses (courses offered on KCS campus) and courses on UHMC.

The resident cost for one credit at UHMC is $130, with most courses being worth three credits. Fees may be anywhere from $20 to $60, depending on how many credits the student is taking.  

Families eligible for free and reduced lunch may have tuition and fees costs waived 100%.

How do I sign up for Early Admit?
Students new to the Early Admit program need to fill out a packet that includes:

1. UHCC Application - available online at http://maui.hawaii.edu/ and choose "Apply for Spring 2021." Detailed instructions for completing this
    application can be found on the Spring 2021 Application Procedures and Checklist page. 
2. Dual Credit Application - available online at http://www.hawaii.edu/dualcreditThis form is to be submitted online, printed, and then signed by
    both student and parent.
3. EdReady Test results - Take the EdReady placement test by going here: http://maui.hawaii.edu/tlc/home/entry-placement/edready/. You will
   need your UH ID. Students must score a 64 or better on the English test to take college classes. 

Early Admit packets and other information can be obtained from the Early Admit coordinator, Ms. Tara Lindsey.

How does billing work after I sign up for an Early Admit course?
You will be billed directly by Kihei Charter School. Invoices usually arrive at the student’s home at the end of the semester. (For example, a bill for fall semester will usually arrive around November). You do not pay the college directly.

You may receive a notice from the college by mail or email stating that if you do not pay the amount in question by a certain date, then you will be dropped from the course. This is standard protocol and all Kihei Charter students are eventually put on a ‘do not purge’ list that prevents them from being dropped due to unpaid balances. If you do receive a notice like this, please forward it to Ms. Tara Lindsey, the Early Admit coordinator.

What happens if my child fails or drops an Early Admit course?
If a student receives a D or lower on an Early Admit course, they will be required to cover the full cost of tuition for the next semester and restricted to taking only one course. This probationary period will be limited to one semester if the student earns a B or higher in the subsequent semester; however, if the student does not meet that expectation, a mandatory meeting will be held to determine the student's eligibility to continue with the Early Admit program. If they are granted permission to do so, they will remain on financial probationary status until they earn a grade of B or better. 

If a student drops a course after the ‘last day to withdraw with 100% refund’ date (usually one week into the semester), they become financially responsible for the full cost of the class. Withdrawing from classes also results in a ‘W’ on the student’s college transcript, which may be poorly looked upon by future colleges.

Early Admit contact list:
Ms. Tara Lindsey, Early Admit Coordinator, KCS: tlindsey@kiheicharter.org
UHMC Admissions Office: 808-984-3267
Ms. Linda Fujitani, Early Admit Academic Advisor, UHMC: 808-984-3226, lkfujita@hawaii.edu
Ms. Flora Mora, Registrar, UHMC: 808-984-3373, fmora@hawaii.edu
Ms. Emily Major, Admissions Specialist, UHMC: 808-984-3508, emajor@hawaii.edu
Mr. Randy Yamanuha, UHMC Articulation Coordinator, ryamanuh@hawaii.edu