National Honor Society

National Honor Society - Kihei Charter School Chapter

Faculty Advisors: 

Tara Lindsey tlindsey@kiheicharter.org

Amanda Wilson awilson@kiheicharter.org

Please click link and read below for the bylaws of our chapter, as well as the details of our selection process. 

KCS NHS Member Selection Process

Joining an NHS Chapter      

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a program that recognizes students for their academic accomplishments and pushes them to further their education and connection to their community. Joining an NHS chapter provides students with opportunities to help better the community, prepare for college and career pursuits, and strengthen college applications through being an active member.



To qualify for an NHS chapter, students are evaluated through the four pillars of the NHS:

  • Scholarship: Students with a 3.5 grade point average or higher are eligible to join the NHS chapter. GPA will not be rounded up in order to fit the requirements.
  • Service: Students must have verified volunteer experience through the school or individually to help assist the community.
  • Leadership (Can be built upon; not a basis of evaluation): Students show ability and willingness to learn and work with others.
  • Character (Can be built upon; not a basis of evaluation): Students demonstrate respect and compassion for other students, faculty, and community members.


  • Students admitted into the chapter are required to maintain a GPA at or above 3.5, or students risk being removed from the chapter. If students' grades drop below requirements and do not improve grades to fit the requirements within a school quarter, then students will be put on a probationary period for the next quarter. If grades do not meet requirements by the end of the probationary period, then students will be considered for permanent removal from the NHS.
  • According to the NHS handbook, students are required to contribute community service hours. A minimum of 10 hours of community service each semester is required to be considered an active member of the chapter. If a student does not adhere to the minimum hours requirement, they will be considered for removal from the chapter permanently. To see NHS approved volunteer work, scroll to the section titled “Community Service”.
  • Students must regularly attend meetings and group events to stay in the club


Community Service

  • As mentioned under the guidelines, being a part of the NHS requires each member to complete 10 verified hours of community service each semester to be considered an active member and not risk being removed.
  • Community service work should interest students and help fill community needs. To get some ideas, cause-related organizations that the NHS has listed are: animals, conflict resolution and bullying, disaster relief, environment, health and student safety, social issues, and violence prevention. Service and leadership organizations are listed as well. (Students are not limited to the listed organizations as long as other events follow the acceptable hours guidelines.)


  • Acceptable Hours
  • Coordinating and helping in fundraising events for non-profit organizations that benefit and better the community; assists in helping communities needs (Just fundraising/gathering money for clubs does not count.)
    • Ex. volunteering at blood drives, humane societies, homeless shelters, and environmental events that benefit the community.
  • Hours spent assisting in coaching/tutoring youth sports and classes on campus (Must be signed off by supervising faculty members)
  • Giving blood to the Red Cross
  • Volunteer work hosted by the school (Must be completed during non-school hours unless otherwise approved)
  • Any type of volunteer work may be reviewed by chapter advisor for approval to be counted as acceptable.


  • Hours That DO NOT Count
  • Fundraising for clubs; merely donating/collecting money does not count
  • Doing work for family members like housework/taking care of family members
  • Donating materialistic contributions to the school campus


  • Other Limitations
  • Parents cannot sign off on their child’s hours of volunteering
  • Students volunteering in events that are not sponsored by the school must get proper documentation from the organization that community service did take place
  • Students cannot only participate in only one form of community service; the maximum number of hours listed for each volunteer event is 3 hours (More can be listed, it will not count towards filling the required 10 hour minimum.)